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Corrected photometric uncertainty for the J-band magnitude in the 2MASS survey. If rd_flg[1]=2, this is the measurement error from the profile-fitting procedure, corrected to be consistent with observed repeatability statistics. If rd_flg[1]=1 or 4, this is the RMS of the brightness measured in aperture photometry on the individual frames. If rd_flg=3, the uncertainty is derived from the residuals to the 1-d radial profile fit (averaging over azimuth) to the unsaturated wings of the bright source. If J_MAG_SIG > 8.0, it is a flag value indicating that a meaningful uncertainty could not be determined for the source. This column is null if the magnitude is a 95% confidence upper limit (rd_flg[1]=0 or 6) or if the source is not measurable (rd_flg[1]=9).

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