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Asteroid 2440 Educatio

Alternate IDs:
1954 JK, 1977 JG, 1928 QH, 1968 US1, 1978 VQ4

Data sets with data for Asteroid 2440 Educatio:

Asteroid 2440 Educatio (top)

Asteroid Names and Discovery V12.0 (1 data product)

Asteroid 2440 Educatio (top)

Asteroid Taxonomy V6.0 (1 data product)

Asteroid 2440 Educatio (top)

SMASS Asteroid Survey V2.1 (1 data product)

thumbnail for spectra/2440educatio.tab


time: 1990      file: spectra/2440educatio.tab      dataset: SMASS Asteroid Survey V2.1

This spectrum was extracted from the main data table in 'smass.tab'.

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